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Benefits of 30 mins of Exercise Per Day

Participants exercising 30 minutes per day burned more calories than they should relative to the training program we set for them. We can see that exercising for a whole hour instead of a half does not provide any additional loss in either body weight or fat. 30 minutes of concentrated exercise give equally good results on the scale.
The specific benefits of daily 30-minute workouts, such as the reduced risk of disease and increased bone density, can only be measured by your doctor. However, many positive changes will stand out to you and your loved ones, including increased energy, a firmer body, and a more robust immune system.

Heart health

Stroke, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes – minimise your risk with a half-hour gym session and keep your heart and blood flow happy.

Weight loss

Yep – even half an hour of exercise per day can help you to prevent excess weight gain or maintain weight loss. Stick to high-intensity sessions to burn more calories – if you’re struggling for time, get more active in your day-to-day duties (e.g. taking the stairs or walking to work).

Mood booster

That hatred you can have for your running shoes? Put it to good use in a quick HIIT session – physical activity stimulates chemicals in your brain to make you happier and more relaxed. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy the post-exercise endorphin rush?

Reduce stress

Exercise increases the amount of norepinephrine in your body – the chemical that can moderate our brain’s response to stress and stressful situations. If you’ve had a tough day, go ahead and get sweaty — a quick workout can reduce stress and boost your ability to deal with existing mental tension.
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Energy burst
When your energy levels are at zero, it can be tempting to skip the gym in favour of Netflix – but that half hour of exercise can give you the boost you’re looking for. Training will provide your body with the shake-up it needs to continue working effectively by delivering oxygen and nutrients to your muscle tissues while helping your cardiovascular system work more efficiently.
Improve memory
If you’re looking to boost your powers of recollection, take a half-hour trek around the neighbourhood. Exercise increases the production of cells in the hippocampus responsible for memory and learning.
Increase productivity
Ever feel like your afternoon coffee break just doesn’t cut it? A half-hour walk during your lunch break could be the difference between a 2 pm slump and a productive afternoon. Research shows that workers who take time away from their desks to get moving are more effective than their sedentary co-workers.
Tap into creativity
Writer’s block can’t be avoided by staring extra hard into your laptop screen, so get away from the computer for a half-hour exercise session instead. Refreshing and recharging with outdoor exercise could be your ticket to creative heaven.
Improve self-confidence
We all have days where we feel less than average – half an hour of exercise could be the difference between a self-pity sob session and a well-deserved hit of self-confidence, so get sweaty. Your body will thank you in the long run.
TEAMBEATS™ is a Heart Rate Training platform that connects live heart rate and calorie-burning results to your workout. This technology measures individual effort and output, ensuring you are getting the results you need, all in the fun of a group training session. The TVs around the training space on the gym floor will show you exactly how you track live throughout your workout.
Hand in hand with the technology, our Coaches will deliver workouts that improve your fitness, help you lose weight and maximise your athletic performance to help you achieve the results you are working hard for.

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